Identity Design, Art Direction, Exhibition Design  2020

Dolos Museum of Discovery is a conceptual brand identity project which focuses on exploring the truth, context, and credibility. Dolos represents—Deceive and Discovery: The whole concept aims to provide an experience for people to start to realize, to challenge our reality, confidently question information presented, to work to dine the truth, to reveal the truth, and it means to their lives.

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Catalog Design, Exhibition Design  2020

Symbiosis: Art & Ecology Now is an exhibition and publication featuring artists who use art as a medium to participate in natural environment issues. Use natural materials, trying together the scientific and creative worlds in acts of beauty and activism, trying to have more the power to make environmentalism a priority. They invite the viewer to face the extreme beauty of nature, human’s inadvertent behavior, and the fragile nature of ecology. The design of the exhibition and catalog is trying to focus more on the relationships between humans and nature, make humans rethink, look in a wider field to find the answer.

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Identity Design, Art Direction  2019

Knowledge exists everywhere. Wikimedia foundation provides free multilingual knowledge to every curious and purposed customer in an accessible and informative environment with a diverse voice. Help them feel educational, reliable, and become a part of the community. The concept is providing diverse and multiple searching experiences for the audience through different parts of the Wiki family.

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Poster Series, Motion Graphics  2019

Escher's orientation towards the parallel realities, the paradoxical visions, and the impossible physics, responds to the modern need to go beyond the world we see. The project provides an immersive experience that draws inspiration on Escher's works by playing with geometry, space, infinity, reflection, and symmetry. It allows us to look at things from perspectives we never had before.


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